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Highlights from the Clarinet Mentor Live Event at the Backun International Clarinet Competition

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Over 30 amateur adult clarinetists gathered for a Clarinet Mentors live event in Nashville in March of 2017. We were invited to attend by the Backun International Clarinet Competition. We watched many talented young players compete in this prestigious competition. We saw incredible concerts with the world class line-up of Backun artists (see videos below), and we were treated to masterclasses with these artists. We also had clarinet choir music every day, and masterclasses and Q&A sessions with Michelle Anderson.
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Here are some highlights of the recitals and performances that we saw,

courtesy of the Backun Musical Services Facebook Page.

Ricardo Morales - March 9, 2017
Program included: Saint-Saens Clarinet Sonata in Ib Major, Finzi Five Bagatelles for Clarinet and Piano, Mangani Sonata, Bassi Fantaisie Brillante on Verdi’s Rigoletto, Mangani Valzer e Giga

Corrado Giurfreddi - March 10, 2017
Program included: Magani: Verfiana, Fantasia sui temi delle opere di Giuseppe Verdi, Adagio e Taratella, Omaggio a Ernesto Cavallini, Concertpiece for Two Clarinetists and Piano (with Ricardo Morales)

James Zimmerman - March 10, 2017
Program included an amazing show and tell of how he multi-tracked and created backings usually done by 10 clarinetists for Steve Reich’s New York Counterpoint. Also - Francaix Tema con variazioni

David Shifrin, March 11, 2017
Program included: Nielsen: Fantasy Piece for Clarinet and Piano, Fantasy Pieces for Oboe and Piano, Debussy: Children’s Corner The Little Shepherd, The Girl With The Flaxen Hair, Doctor Gradus and Parnassum Kodaks Sholem-alekhem, rov Feldman!, Ellington Clarinet Lament