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Join the musical fun at sea with Clarinet Cruise 2018!

Click play on the video above to hear your invitation from Michelle to join Clarinet Cruise 2018

At this point, Clarinet Cruise 2018 is a vision and hope of Michelle’s. The concept would be to organize a week long clarinet festival with Michelle, and up to two other professional clarinetists and teachers, to create a clarinet festival at sea. A week-long cruise can be much more economical than staying in a traditional hotel and convention setting. Plus, you have the advantage of unlimited easy meals, and seeing exotic holiday locations along the way. Clarinet Cruise would feature all of the fun sight-seeing adventures of a regular cruise (this one on the stunningly beautiful west coast between Vancouver and Alaska). There would also be a combination of clarinet concerts, recitals, opportunities to take part in master classes, chamber groups, a gigantic clarinet choir, trying out fun clarinet gear, and private lessons.

This was originally planned for 2017 (as the video may indicate). I underestimated how far in advance cruise companies need to plan group travel. We’ll look at 2018 as an alternative. Meanwhile, make sure that you check out this other special live clarinet event happening in March of 2017:

If there are enough people interested (minimum 20, which can include non-clarinet playing family who come just for the cruise part), we will look more seriously into this.

Here is a rough idea for you of how it might work:

7 night cruise from Vancouver to Alaska in late May or early June of 2018. (Currently these range in price from about $1000/per person to $3500 if you choose a super-deluxe stateroom.) We may have a group rate which might reduce this. Registration for the clarinet events would be about $300 per person for the week. You can bring family along on the cruise who would not register as a participant in the clarinet festival. You would need to get yourself to Vancouver from your home and back again. It is a fun city to visit!

If you are curious and think you might be interested, please put your name on the email list below. If at least 20 people sign up, we’ll follow up with more details and get things rolling.

It would be so fun to have you join us!