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Hello All Clarinetists! Join me for an amazing, special clarinet opportunity March 9-11 in Nashville, TN.For more information on what you can learn, hear and try at this event, click here:

We have been invited to create a Clarinet Mentors live event in conjunction with the Backun International Clarinet Competition in Nashville March 9-11, 2017. I am thrilled at the prospect of this, because it offers all of you, in the Clarinet Mentors community, a chance to interact with some of the greatest clarinet players in the world. It also lets me meet you in person. I have some great ideas for things we could do together. These live events provide a setting to learn many new things together.
  • Five Recitals and concerts with some of the world's greatest clarinetists
  • Masterclasses - observing some of the highest level teachers with some of the best, most talent student performers
  • Masterclasses for YOU, the passionate amateur adult, in a supportive, nurturing "no pressure" setting where you can learn an amazing amount (This is my chance to get to meet you, and we will learn a lot together!)
  • Sessions with clarinet makers and clarinet gadget folks - your chance to try in person equipment that could really help you play clarinet better. Plus, as a bonus, Michelle will help you to choose equipment if you want some extra ears to listen to your choices
This event is hosted by Bil Jackson at the Vanderbilt University in Nashville and sponsored by Backun Musical Services (which means some of their incredible artists will be on the performance roster). This is a beautiful facility, and promises to be a totally inspiring event for all of us. I hope you can come to be inspired, and learn.