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Welcome to the Clarinet Mentors Resource Page - Free Clarinet Lessons for you to play more easily and quickly

Welcome to the Clarinet Mentors educational resources site. There are many tools here to help you play the clarinet more easily and beautifully. Many of these are free resources that you can enjoy and use instantly. There are also some great courses available for those of you that wish to pursue further education to really help your clarinet playing sparkle. There are many free videos on this page, and there are over 80 Clarinet Mentors videos currently posted on YouTube.

Many of the videos on this page are older YouTube videos that have great content. I am slowly organizing these into an easier library. With that in mind, you may want to click on one of these links to get started:

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Clarinet Lesson - How To Play Clarinet for Beginners
If you are new to the clarinet, this video will help you to get started!

Ever get nervous in performing? Here is a video to help you overcome performance anxiety:

How to play high notes on the clarinet - part 1

Do you ever feel like high notes are harder to play than lower notes? Many people experience that, but the truth is that the high register is just more sensitive than the low register, and trouble there will indicate to you that you may be doing some wrong (but fixable). Michelle discusses the four most common mistakes that people make in playing in the high register, and how to correct them. You should find playing in the high register much easier after trying these strategies. This video is aimed a notes “above the break” to high C above the staff. For pointers on the altissimo, and the extreme high register, refer to part 2.

How to play high notes on the clarinet - part 2

This video gives you a great exercise to train your mouth and air in playing the extreme high notes on clarinet, or the altissimo range. These notes should feel easy once your mouth knows how to adjust for these notes. This video will help you get started.

Are you tired of sounding stuffy on your throat tone Bb?

This 10 minute video shows you some fingerings to improve this note, as well as some technical things you can do with your clarinet to improve it.

Do you want to tongue faster and learn a great technique for staccato on your clarinet?

This 10 minute video introduces you to an exercise that you can use to dramatically improve your tonguing speed over the course of about 2 weeks. It will also help you to coordinate your tongue and fingers better in fast tonguing passages, and give you a clean crisp staccato with notes that speak easily (even in the higher registers).

Is your clarinet embouchure and air working well? Here’s an easy way to find out…

This short video introduces one of my favourite ways to diagnose two common problems that clarinetists have with their air and embouchure. Check it out, and see what you can learn about your own playing! (By the way, if you have great success with this tool right away, then hurray - you are already on a good track with both air and embouchure!)

How to produce a great first sound on the clarinet

This video introduces new players to the basic concepts of a good embouchure and airstream. Even though it is targeted to new players, the information is valuable to more experienced performers as well. There may be a part of embouchure and air production that you are currently missing from your playing, and this will help you to improve.

How to adjust a clarinet reed for better performance - part 1

Do you have a tried and true system for putting your reed on the clarinet? It may not be the optimum spot for that reed to perform at its best. This videos show how you can drastically improve the performance of your reed simply by changing its position on the mouthpiece. This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to improve clarinet performance.

How to adjust a clarinet reed for better performance - part 2

This video shows you one of my favourite tricks for improving the sound of an old reed. You can do this with a couple of simple tools, and revive many old reeds to new life!