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Want Faster Clarinet Fingers? Try out preview videos for Michelle's Faster Fingers course here. The worksheets below accompany the videos. Video one is available as soon as you sign up for the free previews. The rest will arrive in your inbox in a few days.

Faster Clarinet Fingers Worksheet One
Faster Clarinet Fingers Worksheet Two
Faster Clarinet Fingers Worksheet Three

Want better clarinet tone?

Check out this
new Clarinet Mentors Tone Checklist with references to lots of videos that will help you sound better now!

Clarinet Mentors Recommended Sheet Music
Download this list of some of Michelle's favourite clarinet music. Here is the video that describes some of this music. You'll find beginner level music at 1'02", intermediate at 4'26", more advanced-intermediate at 10'06" and advanced at 13'20".

Download this
high notes exercise and use it with the video that you will find at
Here is the
high notes worksheet for the second video from

The Worksheets below all accompany some older YouTube videos. They are presented more or less in random order, but do have some great learning for you. More organized videos are available on the
Clarinet videos and lessons page.

What is one of the best ways to improve more quickly? Have a plan…Watch this video and download the worksheet below.

Download the worksheet here:
Clarinet Mentors Scale Patterns for you

Bonade fingering worksheet:

download the worksheet here

Mozart Duet
Play a duet with Michelle -
download the music here.

Improve Your Rhythm with the Amazing Body Rhythm Machine
Download the worksheet here.

Improve Clarinet Tone using the Whisper Technic
Download the worksheet here.
Speak Spanish? Here is a transcription from clarinetist Elena Guimerá:

How To Play Your Clarinet In Tune
Download the worksheet here.

Improve Your Tone By Using Overtones (for more advanced players)

What Strength of Reed Should You Use?
You may have outgrown your reed. This video will help you to figure that out:

Download a reed strength guide here

What Kind of Reeds Should You Use? -
Here are some recommendations for you.
Download the resource list of reed recommendations here

What Kind Of Ligature Should You Use?
Download the resource list of ligature recommendations here

Alternate Fingerings Part 1:
This video shows you some very handy alternate fingers for Eb and high Bb. The worksheet will give you some great exercises to master these clarinet fingerings.
Download the worksheet on alternate clarinet fingers here:

Chromatic Fingerings Part 1:

Download the worksheet on chromatic fingerings for clarinet here:

Watch the video on chromatic fingerings for clarinet here.

Finding Expression Within Fast Passages:
Download the worksheet here:

Advanced technic for playing melodies with large interval leaps:
Download the worksheet here:

Advanced technic for improving tricky high notes:
Download the worksheet here:

Faster Fingers Using the Backwards Fingers Method
Download the worksheet here:

Faster Fingers While Tonguing and Slurring
Download the worksheet for
faster fingers on clarinet here

Faster Fingers! (Is A Thumb a Finger?)
This short video gives you some great pointers to improve finger speed, and it all comes down to how you use your left thumb.
Download the worksheet here.

Tune Up Your Embouchure
Here is a 10 minute video focusing on one aspect of your clarinet embouchure that will help you to play high notes more easily, and have a fuller, warmer, tone quality. Download the worksheet here.

A Great System for Learning Staccato, and Tonguing Faster!

Download the worksheet here
Easier Fingering while moving “across the break” from A to B
Download the worksheet here.

Holiday Bonus - Clarinet sheet music to Greensleeves

Here is a copy of a lovely piece of music that sometimes gets used as a Christmas carol under the name of “What Child Is This”. You can download your own copy here.

Do you want to improve your tone?

There are many techniques to help us improve our tone. This video gives you one practical tool to help improve your tone. This was published as part of the Clarinet Mentors newsletter on Oct. 13, 2012. There is an accompanying worksheet, which you can download here:

Do you want to improve your finger technique?

There are many ways to practise that help us learn things much faster.

Here is a technic to master fast passages using different rhythms. This exercise comes from the Nov. 28th, 2012 newsletter. Download this worksheet, and watch the video:

Here is one small exercise to help you get comfortable in many sharps or flats. The Scale Thing gives us an introduction to all keys of playing, but in a way that is quite easy to learn.

Download this worksheet, and watch the corresponding video.

How to play more expressively:

Download this worksheet which corresponds to the October 17th, 2012 Clarinet Mentors Newsletter: