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Your Welcome Message from Michelle Anderson

Hello and welcome! It’s Michelle Anderson, and I’m so glad that you decided to join our community of clarinetists who are looking for ways to play the instrument more easily and to a higher level of mastery.

If you are a total beginner to the clarinet, lucky you! (You can download my free ebook for beginners on this page.) When you choose to learn an instrument following a well-planned, organized lesson structure, you learn far faster than those brave explorers who do it all on their own. You will have the opportunity to learn simple exercises here that prevent the bad habits that inhibit your tone, slow down your fingers and seem to put a giant filter between the beautiful music in your head, and the sounds that actually come out of the instrument. If you are returning to the instrument after many years away, now is a great time to re-learn the instrument with great habits, and take advantage of all of that long-lost knowledge that is still deep inside of you from years gone by. Finally, if you are someone who has been playing regularly for some time, and you may simply like some help to take your tone to the next level. Maybe you would like to improve your tonguing, or how quickly your fingers fly around the instrument. You may just want to feel more confident in your own abilities to make beautiful music on the clarinet. You have come to the right place!

Please watch the short video above to hear about the gifts and resources that we have in store for you. You'll find all kinds of free clarinet lessons on our video resource page, and for those of you that really want to go deeper, there is also information on Michelle's complete clarinet courses.

My passion is to help adults play the clarinet beautifully, and to do so quickly. The many free resources that we will have available are all designed to help you perform the music you enjoy more easily and to gain a higher understanding of the many aspects of clarinet performance. As a new member, you have access to a set of on-line training videos designed to help you master the clarinet in a fun and easy style. Every couple of weeks, you’ll receive our highly rated Clarinet Mentors E-Newsletter. Each issue is going to contain a short educational article or link to a video that you can quickly digest in a minute or two, and use to enhance your own clarinet playing experience right away.

You’ll also be the first to hear about any new courses or tele seminars that I offer from time to time to the Clarinet Mentors community. All of these are designed to support you in mastering your clarinet with more ease and understanding.

I look forward to having you as an ongoing part of the Clarinet Mentors Community!


PS - If for whatever reason, you feel like this is not a good fit for you, you can simply use the button at the bottom of all of our emails to unsubscribe. We hope you will enjoy the resources here, but it is very easy to leave when you choose to!