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Faster Clarinet Fingers, Smoother Technic, Learn Difficult Music More Easily

Want Faster Clarinet Fingers? Do you want to learn hard music more quickly?

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Michelle's Faster Fingers course here. The worksheets below accompany the videos. These present some very practical tips that can make a difference in your playing relatively quickly. Preview video #1 is available instantly, and the other two will be delivered to your email inbox within a few days. The course itself contains all of Michelle’s favourite technics and strategies to improve clarinet technic.

Faster Clarinet Fingers Worksheet One
Faster Clarinet Fingers Worksheet Two
Faster Clarinet Fingers Worksheet Three

There are also some YouTube videos here that will help you improve your clarinet technic. Two things that make a big difference are having a proper hand/wrist/arm/finger position, and having new and effective practise strategies. Enjoy these videos to give you some strategies to use to help you play faster passages more easily.