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Welcome to the Clarinet Mentors Resource Page - Free Clarinet Lessons to help you to play more easily, more quickly

Welcome to the Clarinet Mentors educational resources site. There are many tools here to help you play the clarinet more easily and beautifully. Many of these are free resources that you can enjoy and use instantly. There are also some great courses available for those of you that wish to pursue further education to really help your clarinet playing sparkle. There are many free videos on this page, and there are over 80 Clarinet Mentors videos currently posted on YouTube.

Many of the videos on this page are older YouTube videos that have great content. I am slowly organizing these into an easier library. With that in mind, you may want to click on one of these links to get started:

Clarinet Lessons for Beginners - Click Here

Improve Clarinet High Notes -
Click Here

Better Clarinet Tone Videos - Click Here

Faster Clarinet Fingers and Better Technic -
Click Here

Clarinet Articulation and Tonguing -
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Along with the hours of free resources available to you in the Clarinet Mentors community, are some complete courses for clarinetists who want to go deeper. This is for you if you want to have a complete set of training and materials to really improve in your clarinet playing and identify and solve the problems that are holding you back. All of these courses have some free preview videos that give you a sense of some of the materials within the course. All of Michelle's courses have a 100%, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee to ensure that it is a good fit for you. Here are some links if you would like to watch the free previews to discover if you are ready to learn at a more advanced level:

Better Clarinet Tone

- Click this link to sign up for Free preview videos to Michelle’s Better Tone Course

Faster Clarinet Fingers

- Click this link to sign up for Free preview videos to Michelle's Faster Fingers Course

Clarinet is Easy

- The Complete course for beginners and intermediate self-taught players to really cover the basics of the clarinet, from assembling the instrument properly, to the basics of producing a great sound and moving the fingers around easily. This 10 Lesson Course covers what most people would do in about 3 - 6 months of lessons. For free preview videos to Clarinet Is Easy, Click this link.

Although many videos are available here at Clarinet Mentors, there are over 80 videos, many with accompanying worksheets, for you to enjoy at These are Michelle's gift to you, as a clarinetist and valuable member of the Clarinet Mentors community. Some of them are separated into difficulty levels, although many of them have concepts that can and should be applied even to relatively new players. Here are some YouTube playlists that may help you:

Beginner to Intermediate Level Players:

Intermediate to Advanced Level Players:

I've also chosen some of my favourite YouTube videos for you that cover a variety of topics, and don't necessarily fit into the categories above easily. I hope you enjoy them! - Michelle