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Are you new to clarinet, or returning to it after a break (perhaps of several years)? These videos will help you to get started quickly ,while avoiding the most common bad habits.

Start Here! Book and Videos for you

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How To Play Clarinet For Beginners

This resource book contains everything you need to get you started, (or re-started), on the clarinet. This book is supplemented with a set of instructional videos that you can access for free by signing up with the links in the book. Those videos actually come directly from Michelle’s most popular course, Clarinet Is Easy.
  • Lessons include:

  • What do you need to know about the clarinet before you start
  • How to properly assemble the clarinet
  • How to use and care for clarinet reeds
  • How to make your first sound with the best habits, so that you actually sound pretty good right away
  • How to start notes properly (articulation)
  • How to play your first five notes, and some simple, but recognizable songs
  • How to sit properly for the best tone quality
  • The 5 most important good habits to master for new players
  • Bonus simple duets for you to play with another player, or with Michelle via the computer

Plus: Free access to the videos that accompany each of these subjects within the Clarinet Is Easy membership site
Once you have completed the free lessons in How To Play Clarinet For Beginners, you can jump to videos by topic here on the Clarinet Mentors Website. You can also preview videos from the rest of the Clarinet Is Easy course here.

Clarinet Is Easy - A full 10 lesson course to help you improve quickly on clarinet!

MIchelle is very excited that her 10-lesson video based course for beginning to intermediate level players is now available for you.

This course helps you to overcome the most common challenges in playing the clarinet such as:

- difficulty with high notes
- trouble tonguing
- fingers that don't move as quickly or accurately as you would like
- air support
- getting great tone

These fantastic video lessons will help you find easier ways to play the clarinet so you can just enjoy the music that attracted you to the instrument.

For more information, sign up for the FREE preview videos here.