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Better Clarinet Tone

We were all attracted to the clarinet for the beautiful sound that it makes. Improving tone basically involves improving air support, embouchure (which is the shape of your mouth) and equipment. There are many aspects to all of these things. Michelle’s YouTube channel offers several resources for you, with highlights below. As well, her course, Better Clarinet Tone, is a very comprehensive learning guide full of educational videos, worksheets, repertoire and a detailed 30-Day Clarinet Workout plan to improve your tone.

Here is what you can do:

  • Download this Tone Checklist, which links you to many YouTube resources
  • Watch the free YouTube videos below
  • Sign up for free previews to the Better Clarinet Tone course, or better yet, give it a try and get the most complete package of clarinet tone videos and resources all together.

Better Clarinet Tone

- Click this link to sign up for Free preview videos to Michelle’s Better Tone Course (which you can try with a 100%, 30-Day refund)
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Here is an exercise that you can do daily to improve your clarinet tone. Download this worksheet, and watch the video below.